Dream: Krista's Baby's Birthday

Dream 20020705, 6:00 AM:

Krista’s Baby’s Birthday

I’m with a group that I know is a school group; we are all gathered outside, though, not in a classroom. There is a man whom I think of as a professor or a dean, and he is explaining that he can’t make Krista Maxwell’s baby’s birthday party an official event. She makes an announcement about it, like it’s a big deal. I am looking at the underbrush – there is a bush that has nearly bare branches with tiny bright green buds forming on it.

Then, Chris and I are putting away lots of books. He isn’t sure what to do with the paganism texts; I tell him to keep them, and get boxes and stack them in there. We have Coca-Cola cans that say, “Happy Samhain” on them – I think that it’s really progressive for them to put out commemorative cans for a pagan holiday.

The scene slowly shifts, until it is outside by the back driveway at Grandmother and Granddad’s old house in the woods. There is a lop-eared rabbit in the street; I spray water at it, and it shakes its head and runs off. It has bright pink marks around its eyes, like pink eye shadow. I walk past the garden area, and there are rows of tiny corn plants; they are about knee-high. They are being pollinated by these odd birds that look like a cross between white doves and chimney swifts. They have chimney swift-like faces and bodies, but more like dove wings. There are also rows of dark burgundy daylilies. I think that I’m going to visit Mom and Dad soon.

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