Dream: Painting Osama Bin Laden's Blue Hat

Dream 20020618, 3 AM:

Painting Osama Bin Ladin’s Blue Hat

An art teacher has given me two tubes of paint: they are both primary colors, red and blue. The colors are very distinct; the blue is between phthalo and royal blue, the red is a little darker than cad red medium.

Later, I am standing with a group of people, watching as Osama Bin Ladin either boards or exits a plane. I can see the colors of his blue hat, which is shaped almost like a Smurf hat, kind of bulgy and close to his head. I mimic holding a gun and firing five shots to his head; someone asks me if I was really aiming, and I say that I hope I was. I can’t find the blue paint; I go get colored pencils from the art teacher. I have to go under one of those drop-down hallway gates that separate school hallways. I am visualizing how I will color the picture of his hat with a blue pencil; it seems like the hat is the only item in the picture that has color, the rest is all just pencil.

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