Dream: The Bull in the Barn

Dream 20020603, 3:30 AM:

The Bull in the Barn

I’m watching a church service; Hal is in church, sitting with his dad. The minister marries a couple in a lake; then there are several couples in these narrow tubs of water, connected like tubing, and the preacher will drown them by filling it with oil. I’m trapped with these people in some sort of barn or other building.

I find some sharp seed-hulls; I try to stab the preacher as he sleeps, but it’s not him. There is a boy in his place, and the boy says he tried the same thing, and the preacher told him (1) never sleep without your penis, and (2) he doesn’t need the big case everyone uses.

There is a bull in the barn now. He is rooting through a bunch of bales of hay, pushing them around. It is some sort of analogy to the preacher, in the fact that he is difficult to control.

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