Dream: Michael's Heart Dreams and the Heart Center

Dream this morning, 5:20 AM:

Michael’s Heart Dreams and the Heart Center

I’m at Mom and Dad’s house, in Richard’s room sleeping. I overhear Mom talking about going for a walk; I get up to go with her. I know that it’s 4:30 AM. In the kitchen, I see a stack of paper on a clipboard; it has a purple pad, like the ones I use at work. There are lots of handwritten notes; some of them are my dream notes, and then there are further notes in Mom’s handwriting. She has apparently been talking to a therapist about me and my dreams. One of the sheets mentions “Michael’s Heart Dreams,” and later on, “The Heart Center.” One sheet has something about the money that I owe them.

Richard’s here now; we’re in the living room, talking about how he feels sick. I feel sick too. I wonder if it could be allergies. He says he’s going to do the medicine test and see. He has a bottle of aspirin, and it seems to be involved somehow. I feel very groggy, like I can’t wake up properly.

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