Dream: The Transylvanian Kingdom

First Dream, 1:25 AM:
The Transylvanian Kingdom

I have inherited a Transylvanian kingdom. I remember talking with a clerk about the deed, and the various paperwork I had to take care of. My castle is on a high spike of rock overlooking a valley, and the valley is full of fog or cloud. I decide at one point to go flying out into the valley, and I float through the fog like it’s the surface of a pond. There are letters and numbers floating in the fog, just like random typed letters – no words. I remember swimming through them, and I think I ate or breathed a few of them in. The fog clears, and falls to the valley floor as rain.

Then, I dive down and visit the valley floor. The rocks here look like they’re computer generated; they’re very geometric in shape, like the cracking of a mud flat. They are layered brown and rose; they are more brown around the outlines, more rose in the center. There is a snake down here; there is some image of a dragon-serpent and another animal, like a horse. The dragon-serpent is on the floor of the valley. I fight with it, but it’s not acting like a real snake; it feels like it’s made of rubber. It has two heads; one is a salmon orange color, the other is aqua blue. I bop it on the heads, and then grab the heads and bop them together; they are a little bigger than my fists. It seems like it was bigger when I saw it earlier.

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