Dream: Pirouetting in Mom's Kitchen

The 7:00 Dream:
Pirouetting in Mom’s Kitchen
I’m out with Chris. We are riding bicycles, I think. We stop at a McDonald’s, and I remark on how someone has parked wrong in their parking lot. The manager makes an employee go move the truck, because it’s hers – I snicker to Chris because she looks like a Lesbian. Then, as we’re leaving, the manager has to open the doors for us to get out – they are all glass, and there are several doors, and he points a remote control at them and they open.

Then, I’m walking along a city street, and there is a garage sale out in front of this one building. I look at this little wooden basket that looks like a cradle; as I look at it, it seems to shift, and looks now more like an old-fashioned wooden desk chair. I am thinking about getting it for Chris. It is marked $28. Then, Chris and I are walking along, still looking at garage sale stuff. He keeps pointing out pieces of velvet; I explain to him that I haven’t made costume stuff in so long, it’s not really useful to me now. I see one piece of fabric that looks like an American Flag carpet, or is it a wall hanging? It’s heavy, and has a pile to it like a rug.

We go to visit Tracy Gardner. She is in a little long, narrow cabin with a dirt floor; it looks like a part from a fort, not a free-standing house. There is someone with her, a man, but I don’t remember him well. She is talking something about taxes, and how you have to pay them as you collect them (sales tax?)

Then, I’m at Mom’s house. I’m in the kitchen, and pirouetting on the kitchen floor. I don’t know why I am doing it. It seems like a very powerful sensation, and I realize that I don’t really need to move my whole body to keep spinning, there’s just a slight motion of my hands that I need to do. I’m spinning my body like a top, very fast; it’s almost dizzying.

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