Dream: Marked Change

A Brief, but Cool Dream:
6:00 AM: Marked Change
I’m on some sort of bus. I’m headed to an event or to work; I don’t know which. There is a coin changer, maybe it’s part of a vending machine – I remember thinking that I’m getting the change to get a drink. I put coins into it, and it spits out more coins. I look at the coins, and I notice that one quarter is different – it looks silver. I notice that the date is 1965, which is too late for silver quarters, but then I see that it has writing on it, script, written with a black marker – it says something about a place name, and “silver” and “NOT FOR SALE.” I realize that this coin machine must have gotten part of somebody’s coin collection. I put more coins into it, and it keeps spitting out marked coins; there are several unusual ones. One is a penny that has been smashed flat, and turned into another coin – I think that it’s Russian, although the lettering on it looks like calligraphic Hebrew or Arabic. It’s shaped the same as the rune tablets in last week’s Rune Lady dream, and I think to myself that the shape is the same as that. I can barely see the shadow of where the Lincoln image was before it was flattened and reshaped.

We get to school, or wherever we were going. The coin machine is now on a desk or table, and there is sand on the table too – I keep trying to clear the sand out of the coin machine, so that it will not get grit in the works. The sand has the little inverted-cone holes that sand lions make; I wonder if there are sand-lions in it. I put a dollar into it, and get more coins; then, I somehow get the register to read 12.09 – I put a nickel into it, or something, so that it will spit out more coins. It spits out a penny from 1945, and it’s not steel, but it has lettering on the back, very ornate that says, “IN THIS TIME OF WAR.” It shifts a couple of times, but I don’t quite catch the lucidity clue – I remember it reading “tihs” instead of “this” at one point, and I looked twice to make sure it was right.

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