Dream: The Piano Player Party

And then, at four:
Piano Player Party
I’m in a building – reminds me of an odd cross between a house and a hotel. There are a couple of old men here, they are talking about getting to meet the author of some book. They’re both holding copies of the book. As I walk along, I see the author, recognize him from the book covers – I realize that he’s going to meet the two men. Then, there is a very crowded hallway. I duck into a door, and follow a parallel hallway, which is really a set of small connecting rooms. There are little kids here, dressed up in business suits – I think they are somehow connected with GDYO, because Yurie comes into one of the rooms as I’m passing through, and I explain that I’m just dodging the traffic in the main hall. Someone’s talking about a “five-mattress bed,” but it’s really just an oversized bed, like a king.

Then I’m headed to a party. It’s at the same place, although in a little party room. There is a woman here who’s smoking a cigarette with a long cigarrette holder, or perhaps it’s not really a cigarette – it seems to have a jewel on the end where the cigarette would go. There are a lot of cool lamps here – they look like they’re made of blown glass, but have strange markings on them that look almost like writing. Joanna S. from OCP is here – she tells me that I can make my own – it’s called smoke-writing. Some of the lamps remind me of pomegranates, but in clusters – they are very thin, look like glass, gold and dark red. There are more and more people here now. The lady that the party is apparently for is the one with the strange cigarrette holder; she’s some sort of piano virtuoso or piano expert. I see Loni Anderson, and Cari P. from American Airlines. One lady is trying to cue up a tape, and it seems to be a recording of a group of men making sexual-sounding moans in unison – like it would go behind a song for comic effect. There is a HUGE pan, like a casserole pan, full of black caviar; someone scoops up a piece of melba toast full of caviar, just as the recording plays – it seems like the caviar made the noise. Everybody realizes what happened, and laughs.

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