Dream: Grey Suede Pants

First Dream:
Grey Suede Pants:
12:20 AM, woke naturally.
There was much that happened before this, but I can’t recall what.
I’m holding a pair of grey pants, dress slacks. I think I’ve just washed them, or am just about to. They have a label inside them that says something about “Swim pants in warm water,” I read it again, and it says to “stand” them in warm water – I think I was trying to catch it changing, but didn’t recognize when it did. There is a spot on them where the surface of the fabric, which is a grey, flocked suede-like material, has worn off, and there is a net tulle showing through; I think that they got washed wrong, or shouldn’t have been washed often. Then I’m having an argument with somebody – I don’t remember who, or what about – and he somehow changes the scene so that we’re on a stage, and there is an audience – it’s as if one side of the room just opened up, and became the theater part.

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