Dream: Underground Rivers

Dream #1: woke at 2:30, closed the windows because it was going to storm. This dream was from an earlier rem period, but parts were still clear.

Under Ground Rivers

I’m under ground, I think – either that, or beneath some sort of covering roof. There is a stream here, it flows across a bunch of rocks. I’m remarking to somebody about how the stream has risen lately, the level is much higher. Then I’m looking at a little eddy, very clear water – there are fish in there, brilliantly colored, they look like something from a tropical reef. They are dying because the water has gotten too hot – it’s like they’re cooking as I watch. Then I find myself at Eve C’s house; we’re walking through the rooms, they have the same stone floor as the streambed earlier, and there is water here, too. I am picking up her and her lover for some sort of function; they are dressed up. She has lots of large tropical plants, very lush greens.

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