Dream: Arawn! Arawn!

Dream #3: Woke at 4:30.

“Arawn! Arawn!”

I’m at the Sammons Center. J the maintenance man is here – there is something that was supposed to be set up on the fourth floor, but I didn’t give him the information for it, so it’s not set up, and it’s my fault. S from the Shakespeare Festival is here, and she’s crying inconsolably – I ask her what she wants, and she tells me she just wants “Pumping curtains.” I finally figure out that she’s trying to say “Pomp and Circumstance” – she’s wanting the fourth floor to look really nice for something they’re doing up there. J and I go get chairs from Meadows, and take them upstairs to set up.

When we get upstairs, for some reason we don’t start setting up a room, but instead we’re in a small, cozy room (like the Studio) and we’re looking at some sort of video screen. It’s talking about how things from burials age, but the flesh becomes transparent – I think they’ve got some sort of new X-ray technology that they’re using on people’s remains. We’re looking at one picture, looks like a cross between a Celtic manuscript painting and an X-ray; the folds of the clothes are very stylized. The person looks very Celtic, and I can see all his jewelry and the cut of his clothes. I can see the bones in his hands. Then we’re looking at another one, this one much more recent, like Victorian times. There is a narrator speaking, describing the body, and saying that the man was hanged with a whip (which looks like a braided bullwhip) of his wife’s hair around his neck, and he was waiting for the executioner to call out “Arawn!” It looks like his hand is holding his dick – I don’t know whether this represents a gesture of contempt, or what. Then I’m viewing the actual hanging, like a movie – I’m standing above and a few feet away from the man, who is standing on a chair. He’s wearing a brown Victorian style coat, and no hat; he has the whip made out of hair coiled round and round his neck, like a scarf. I don’t see anything that he’s hanging from, which seems odd, because I know that he’s going to die by hanging. An older man, dressed in gray, walks toward him, shouting loudly, “Arawn! Arawn!” and the man who is going to be hanged begins masturbating frantically, as if he’s trying to come before he is hanged. It seems almost like he has some sort of magickal reason.

Note: Arawn is a Welsh God of the Underworld. I don’t know where I saw this name, but I didn’t recognize it when I heard it in the dream.

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