Dream: Throwing Up My Beer

Dream 20020113, 6:00 AM:

Chris and I are standing in a line at a restaurant; it’s dark in here. There is a really hunky guy in front of us, and we are enjoying watching him. We hope that we will get seated close to him so that we can keep watching him. The waiter comes and gets him – he is in front of us – and leads him off to the right into the restaurant. Then, they circle around a center bar island, and he sits him down right in front of where we were, but now off to our left. I think how silly it was for the waiter to take him all the way around the bar, when he was going to sit him at a table right there.

Then someone comes to seat us, and he starts walking us back into the restaurant, further and further – it turns into almost like a woods. He finally stops in front of a table – I briefly wonder whether he’s brought us out here to do some sort of mischief to us. I visualize in my mind the magick spell that I’d have to use on him if he did – it’s called something like Solus Majesticus – it appears like an overhead spotlight above him. But that’s just my visualization within the dream; nothing really happens. He sits us down, and we start looking at menus. The room has changed slightly. Now, it’s more like a small cozy back-bar area. We have some sort of appetizer, and are eating them – something with mushrooms. There is a guy who recognizes me – he works here- and he comes over, bringing me a fresh, cold beer. He seems glad to see us. He hands me the beer, and I take a big drink of it – it tastes really good. I say something about how good it tastes, and then I realize what I’ve just drunk. I tell Chris that I just realized it was beer and I can’t have it – I am trying to decide if I need to go throw it up so I won’t get sick later. I decide that I do, and I excuse myself from the table. The guy disappeared some time earlier, but I don’t remember him leaving.

I walk to the restroom, and I’m still not wanting to throw up, but realize that I need to. I think that it might be easier outside – I walk outside, and along a grassy embankment. I am walking along, and I think that I have some stuff at home that might help – I’m trying to remember what things you drink to make yourself throw up. I think it’s milk and oil, or egg and oil. I think that I might have some Ipecac, but I don’t want to take that because it would take too long to act. I find myself in the kitchen, but it’s slightly different than the kitchen at home. I’m looking through the cabinets, and trying to find something that will make me throw up. I briefly think that if I put milk and oil together in the blender, it would be like lotion… but then I think that probably wouldn’t work. I don’t think I end up throwing up at all.

I find myself walking outside again – I think I’ve gone to look for Chris. I am walking along the side of a field, it looks like a high school football field. It’s thronged with people, but it’s not a game – it looks like some sort of marching band competition. I’m watching a group of kids dressed all in green uniforms, and they’re forming up to march onto the field. The leading guys have bagpipes; I think how odd it is to see marching band kids with bagpipes. The band director is a kind of big guy, and he’s playing a bagpipes too – he makes a sort of chewing motion with his mouth, and I can see that he has some reeds or something in his mouth – they are white cylinders, about the size of cigarette butts. He sort of chews them around his mouth, and spits them into his hand. He says something about “It’s scratchy” – I think he was testing out one of the students’ bagpipes, trying to fix a problem. The kids continue marching out onto the field.

I look at the field, and see them marching in formations, playing. I look across at the other side of the field, and there is a group of kids in the same uniform doing a cheerleading formation; I watch as they make a round ring of people, then toss a guy up into the air and catch him in their crossed arms. I see Joanna over in the corner of the field, and I go over there to see her – and there’s yet another act going on. This one is some sort of theater/dance presentation – just a single pretty girl, lying in a pile of what looks like glitter but is probably supposed to look like snow. I get the impression that she’s supposed to be either freezing or under some sort of spell – she is talking, but not moving, and we’re supposed to think that she’s unconscious and we’re hearing her thoughts. She moves a little pile of the glitter with her hand, so that it will be in front of her face and the audience can see that she is breathing (not dead). Now, it doesn’t look like a field at all, but looks like a theater stage, with dark wings – except that there are trees around the margin still.

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